Why I love working at F-Secure


I never imagined I would work for a tech company like F-Secure until I received a phone call back in 2009.

Though I work in communications, I have always had a slightly geeky soul. Yes, I was that kid with a Commodore 64 and in 1995 IRC was my Facebook.

From the moment I arrived in the F-Secure headquarters on the edge of the Baltic Sea, I felt that I had taken on more than a job. We are on a mission. Knowing that we are protecting tens of millions of people around the world keeps me motivated to do my job well every day. It’s important for me to be able to take pride in what I do every morning when I open the office door.


In exchange for my commitment, I am treated like a professional with a life outside the office. And though the tech industry is male-dominated, I’ve never felt that my expertise has been questioned because I’m a female.

I could give you tens of reasons why to work at F-Secure everything from our massage benefit to having fresh fruit to great occupational healthcare, fitness benefits and bicycle policy or good fun office parties, but I’ll rather give a word to my colleagues of what it’s like to work at F-Secure.

Christine works as a Service Lead for Online Protection Team at our Labs. She was originally hired in our Malaysian office but has transferred to our Helsinki headquarters in 2011. Christine has worked at F-Secure since 2008.

“If you are an idealist who has a passion for security and feel like you want to do something that not only makes money, but also makes a difference, then F-Secure is a good place to be in. I have to say that working in this industry has enabled me to keep some idealistic parts of me. It feels good to know that the input that you do in your work is relevant and can provide immediate protection for the users. I feel fortunate that in my day job I work on something that matters.


Jukka is a Senior Manager at our Labs. He has been with F-Secure since 2011.

“I have always been interested in security, especially in the IT world. That fact itself got me super excited almost five years ago when I got a job offer at F-Secure. The Labs is definitely the most interesting working environment I’ve been in. I get fresh insight into all the cyber security news and the imminent threats. I also hear the success stories of bringing down bad stuff out there. It’s really an interesting and constantly evolving field.

“All of that combined with the company culture, what we call fellowship, makes it a great combination. Though I now work at the Labs I joined the company in R&D services and worked there the first three years. Rotating jobs within the company really enables professional growth. I’ve got even more great colleagues, definitely the best people in the industry. I currently don’t see a better place to work at. F-Secure has absolutely the best people to work with! I really love the industry too. It’s about seeing the Internet as is, without wearing a pair of pink, rosy glasses.”


After four years at F-Secure, my family decided we need a break.

I can’t explain how grateful I was that I was that I worked at a company that was willing to grant me a one-year leave of absence to make a dream come true. Truly, I was not running away from work, but toward something I had to do for my husband, my daughter and myself. We spend a whole year traveling and adventuring around the world. Not only did we get to experience fantastic things, like hike the Himalayas, snorkel with manta rays and turtles, watch amazing sunrises and sunsets, I also learned so much of the world, helping me achieve even better also in my professional life.

working at F-Secure, F-Secure recruitment

To sum the whole thing up: it was awesome.

I was happy with my job and position before I left. But things got better when I was making my plans to return. An even better position had opened and my boss decided it was tailor-made for me.

I agreed.

It’s this kind of opportunity that makes me want to continue my work at F-Secure, even though—to be honest—it isn’t quite as awesome as adventuring around the world.

Does this sound like the kind of mission and culture you’d like to join?

If you answered yes, this is your lucky day. We are recruiting superstars to work with us. Have a look at our open positions, and if you’re into cybersecurity we have some pretty extraordinary opportunities for you right now.




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