This is what’s so unique about the cyber threat from ISIS


Our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen recently made news from pointing out that terrorists probably won’t try to take down the United Kingdom’s internet.

That’s because the power grid is a better target.

“Why bother toying around taking down the net if you could take down the electric grid?”Mikko told

“If the net is down, people won’t die. If electricity is down, people will die.”

That doesn’t mean such a catastrophic attack is imminent. 

“Executing such an attack would be far from easy,” he said and it isn’t likely that terrorists yet have the capability to pull it off. 

But if there is a terror organization that’s most likely to pull such an offensive strike it would be the Islamic State.

“The Islamic State has demonstrated that they have the most credible offensive cyber capability of any of the jihadist extremist movements, and even they are far away from having this level of operational skills in their disposal.”

The group has specialists in its ranks that are likely working on attacks that would target crucial infrastructure and “are doing their best to build it.”

Why would ISIS want to take the internet down when its been such a potent tool for the group?

“They mostly use the net to organize themselves: to communicate, to spread propaganda and to recruit.”

In September, the New York Times reported that ISIS had recruited 30,000 foreign fighters in the last year.

[Image via Erik Drost | Flickr]


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