How the IoT helps monitor your home

Connected Life

The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada and it might as well be called the Connected Electronics Show.

It’s like the Industrial Revolution 2.0 because it is so much more transformative than just MDM [Mobile Device Management] or BYOD [Bring Your Own Device],” AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega told ZDNet, explaining the hype behind the technology that’s putting everything from kettles to cars online.

While the technology industry fully buys into the vision of IoT, consumers have few real world examples of what smart homes, offices and cities could mean for them.

With this in mind, Microsoft’s Bryan Roper showed an audience at CES a few functional ways that the IoT can make your life simpler and offer data that might even make you home run more effectively.

“Roper uses Cortana to generate a chart comparing people in the house and how much they use different appliances; based on what it displays, he’s then able to drill down for more information,” The Verge‘s Jacob Kastrenakes explained.

Will that immediately change your life? No.

But it does give you a sense of the massive amounts of data our connected devices will know about us — in addition to avalanche of data being collected by Windows 10 already. It’s a peek into incredible possibilities for improving productivity along with a reminder of the vast new challenges for securing our smart homes.


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