5 Reasons Infosec Pros Prefer Batman Over Superman 5-to-1

Security & Privacy

Batman v. Superman is one of those mythical battles where it’s not only difficult to imagine who would win, it’s hard to figure out why they’re even fighting.

Our Sean Sullivan conducted a quick, completely unscientific Twitter poll and found that of his followers the Caped Crusade was more popular than the surviving son of Krypton by a 5-to-1 margin. Though “Meh” was much more popular than heroes, and seems to be the sentiment expressed by most reviewers who have already seen the film.

Assuming that most of Sean’s followers are either in infosec or interested in information in security in general, it got us thinking about why Batman appeals to people who care about protecting machines.

Here are our five completely unscientific reasons we think Batman is an infosec superhero.

1.He doesn’t have a superpower, so he has to rely on his wits.

2.He has a utility belt filled with tools he’s engineered.

3. He works in a cave.

4. He has to rely on opsec to keep his cave and his identity secret — since he can’t just fly away.

5. And, of course: cool car.

Any reasons we missed? Is there any reason you might prefer that other guy in tights?



[Photo via @BatmanVSuperman.]


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