Post your # of Blocked Tracking Attempts and Win Prizes

Security & Privacy

As many already know, online tracking is everywhere. Your online activities are relentlessly profiled by data collectors so that other companies can figure out what you want to buy and how to better make you part with your cash.  Many of us  are understandably cautious about having what they do online compiled and analyzed without having any control over what information they share.


The key method to track your online behavior is via tracking cookies, and blocking these cookies from sharing your private information is one of the features of Freedome VPN. As our users have noticed, there is a staggering amount of tracking attempts on you every time you surf.  To highlight this in a not-so-serious way, we thought we’d run a little Twitter competition with glory for the winners and prizes raffled for all entrants.


The rule are simple – Skip parts 1 and 2 if you are already using Freedome.

  1. Download Freedome VPN from our website(PC/Mac), Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Turn the app on to encrypt your connection and block tracking.
  3. Take a screenshot showing your number of blocked tracking attempts (surf some web first if you just installed Freedome).
  4. Tweet the screenshot. Remember to tag us @FreedomeVPN and use the hashtag #nottracked
  5. You can also enter on Facebook.
  6. Post your results by Sunday the 11th, results will be announced the following Tuesday.



The winner will receive the title of “Freedome World Champion 2016” and all the glory associated with this prestigious title. In addition, we are raffling away a few of our awesome Freedome hoodies and five subscriptions to our VPN service.

If you just started using Freedome, don’t worry! You are entering the prize raffle just by posting your screenshot.

Happy blocking!


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