Ask Erka Koivunen anything for #CyberSecMonth

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European Cyber Security Month (or National Cyber Security Awareness Month as it’s known in the US) is just around the corner. And considering the recent disclosure of Yahoo’s massive data breach, it seems like a good time for companies to give some consideration to their cyber security policies.

One person glad to see it arrive is F-Secure Cyber Security Advisor Erka Koivunen. Erka, who’s advised people, companies, and even governments on how to protect themselves from online threats for years, wants to let people know that security is more than relying on the latest technologies or devices for protection. It’s just as much about processes and practices as it is about technology.

That’s why Erka is participating in an “Ask me Anything” session on Reddit called “How to Create a Culture of Security.” Erka will answer your questions about what you, your colleagues, and your boss need to know about being hacked. Plus, Erka will be joined by Cosmin Ciobanu from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (better known as ENISA, the organized of European Cyber Security Month) to provide some additional insights on how to improve security in workplaces around Europe.

This will be Erka’s second AMA, having previously fielded a range of questions about online privacy in an AMA conducted last Data Privacy Day.

The AMA session on October 4th  kick-off at

– New York (EDT) -> 9:00 AM
– UTC -> 13:00
– London (BST = UTC+1) -> 14:00
– Berlin (CEST = UTC+2) -> 15:00
– Helsinki/Athens (EEST = UTC+3) -> 16:00

We’ll update this blog post with the link as soon as it’s available, so check back here so you don’t miss out.

UPDATE: Click here to go to Erka’s AMA on Reddit.


I wanted to ask questions but I just couldnt figure out where it was that I got to participate in terms of the url and time. Ive got a lotta questions about predictive analytics and how they can work. maybe this is not the forum.

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