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Security & Privacy

Why doesn’t VPN work on my hotel Wi-Fi? What special benefits does a VPN give to me in my country? How does online tracking work? Who’s that handsome dude who writes your blog? These questions (except for that last one) are the kind we get from our Freedome fans on a regular basis.  Instead of always writing text responses like it’s 2010 or something, we decided to start answering these questions on video – on an FAQ-style playlist that can be found on the F-Secure YouTube channel.

Do you have any questions related to Freedome, VPN or anything even loosely related to privacy? Ask away and you might even win a a prize! You can comment on this blog post, drop us a line on Twitter with the hashtag #AskFreedomeVPN, or comment on this post or on one of the #AskFreedomeVPN videos on YouTube. They don’t have to be easy! Keep checking out the playlist regularly, as we update new answers to frequently asked privacy questions all the time.


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