How Does Your Online Security Measure Up?


Which would you rather have stolen by hackers: your phone’s photo history or your home address?

Earlier this month, we told you how much fun we had at Slush. At the event, our team took it upon ourselves to chat with fellow attendees of the event about their online security. Considering that your most of the people we chatted with were fairly tech-savvy and tuned in when it comes to matters within the digital realm, the results of our survey represent the thoughts of the many like-minded people with whom we’d like to discuss the importance of privacy and security online.

Nowadays, a good number of people are knowledgeable about technology; however, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement when it comes to staying safe online. Using the results of our survey, we’ve put together the following infographic that reveals just how those we talked to feel about their online privacy.


When it comes to your own online security and privacy, how do you measure up to that of your peers?

The results of our survey go to show that even the more privacy-conscious of us can always refine our digital behaviors. By providing complete online privacy and anonymity, Freedome VPN can help you “become an online ninja” and maximize your online security.


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