Just how smart is your connected home?

Connected Life

There’s a pretty good chance that you already have one internet-connected device in your home.

In a recent survey, we found that 23 percent of consumers have bought a smart TV in the last year. That’s just about the same percentage who bought a desktop PC.

And homes will likely become smarter faster given how women — who tend to make most of their family’s purchasing decisions — and millennials in general are taking to the Internet of Things.

A new Better Homes and Gardens survey shows that millennials find smart technology “customizable to their needs (74 percent), makes their homes more energy efficient (70 percent), and saves them time (67 percent).”

All of these “wins” for smart home technology do come with some risks, as our Mikko Hypponen explains below and goes into more detail in this interview.

IoT device manufacturers have little incentive to take your connected home security safety seriously.

But you know who does have the incentive to keep hackers out of your home?

You. That’s why we’ve recently launched F-Secure SENSE to provide you with IoT security using one device, now and in the future.

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