Take Control of Your Online Security and Privacy

Security & Privacy

In the modern world, the majority of us thrive on the convenience that online services give to our lives. These services allow us to keep tabs on our social circles, manage our finances and get important work done all from the comfort of our internet-connected devices.

Convenient as these services may be, what’s the price that we’re willing to pay to use them?

Here’s the way that most online services work: Users give tidbits of their personal information away in exchange for the use of the online platform or service. Essentially, the user’s data is being used as a tradeoff.

Unfortunately for users, the “fun” doesn’t stop there. We know that online services want our data, but what happens if that data ends up in the wrong hands?

Christine Bejerasco, F-Secure’s Online Protection Service Leads, sums up the answer to this question. “It’s hunting season out there. The moment you go online, you are pretty much ripe for the picking. It wouldn’t take long before somebody will see that you aren’t using any level of online protection.”

Here’s the good news: We don’t need to subject ourselves to our data being traded off by the online services that we use on a daily basis. F-Secure TOTAL gives you device security, anti-tracking, and VPN protection in one neat package.

Let’s face it — we all need online security and privacy because we live our lives online, and that’s not bound to change any time in the near future.

Don’t let your personal data become a tradeoff. Take control of your online security and privacy with F-Secure TOTAL.


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