What We Do When We’re Not Hunting Hackers

Connected Life, F-Secure Life, Security & Privacy

When a global outbreak like Petya ransomware hits, F-Secure Labs gets pizza.

Watching malware is hopscotching across continents, it may seem as if there’s nothing more to life than work, computers and the Internet. Pizza keeps spirits up during these crises. But luckily, those pizzas only seem to come a few times a year.

Yes, cyberlife can be intense. Still, the fellows in F-Secure Cyber Security Services also find time to excel in their outside hobbies and passions, applying the same determination and discipline that help them thrive at work. And F-Secure encourages these outside interests because a workplace filled with like-minded colleagues who enjoy a sane work/life balance makes our day jobs easier.

In addition to raising children, pets, having families, and fixing houses and apartments, here are a few examples of what our consultants do after office hours:

  • Brewed beer using a magnetic stirrer, USB connected thermometer, and a styrofoam cooling chamber with remote data acquisition
  • Won silver and bronze at two separate jiu jitsu world championships
  • Qualified for UCI Masters World championships
  • Developing an operating system
  • Organized a charity opera visit and cooked a six course lunch with wine pairings for colleagues
  • Moved to Japan
  • Won national masters time trial cup 2nd year in a row.
  • Qualified for — and ran! — the Boston marathon
  • Taught a university course
  • Trained to fight with historical swords
  • Started studies in Latin and Chinese

Think you might fit in with this group? Here are our current openings.

2_Javier_v2_1080p from Johanna Kurki on Vimeo.


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