Reddit AMA With The SENSE Team: Coming To A Screen Near You

Connected Life, Security & Privacy

We’ve seen great success with our past Reddit AMAs, during which people from across the globe can gather and get the inside scoop on their favorite niche topics and industry experts. We’ve used the platform to discuss things like data privacy, online security and even how to tamper with a pinball machine, and we enjoyed it so much that we’re gearing up for our next event.

This time around, we’re using Reddit to get real about IoT and connected home security. Antero Norkio and Veli-Jussi Kesti, Vice Presidents of Product Management and R&D of Consumer Cyber Security at F-Secure, will be serving as our AMA experts as we dive deep into the subjects revolving around the Internet of Things.

Antero and Veli-Jussi sat down for their AMA on Thursday, August 31, at 5 to 7 p.m. EET. Here’s the questions they got and their answers.

Our aim for this AMA is to provide viewers with a clear understanding of home network security and which devices belong to their home network, as most of us probably own more smart devices than we might think.

In order to provide users with all-inclusive protection in their home, we’ve released F-Secure SENSE, a security router for the modern, connected home. Veli-Jussi has already starred in a couple of our Q&A videos, where he explains how SENSE works and how it helps protect each of the internet-connected devices in one’s home. Check out each of our #AskSENSE videos on YouTube!


During the upcoming AMA, our experts will be available to answer each of your questions related to rogue baby monitors, fridges that spy on you, and IoT security in general. See you there!


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