The One Gift That Protects All the Others

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Chances are you’re about to get even more connected “things” in your home.

If you take a look at Amazon’s “Best Sellers” in Electronics, you may notice Amazon makes all ten. That’s not surprising give who runs the platform. What’s more interesting is that as of Black Friday 2017, all ten of the top ten connect to the Internet. This includes variety of tablets plus two versions of the “smart speakers” that connect you to Amazon’s “intelligent voice assistant” Alexa.

Given that Gartner expects about 1.2 billion “things” that connect to the internet to be sold this year, hundreds of millions of “smart” devices will likely be sold this holiday season alone. You’ll could be getting several connected gifts, including toys, doorbell cams, thermostats, appliances, motion-sensors and possibly even “smart sprinklers.”

If it’s “smart” it’s vulnerable. That’s Hypponen’s Law.

That’s why we built F-Secure SENSE to protect every connected thing in your home — from baby monitors to thermostats to refrigerators to PCs to smartphones. The SENSE router – together with the SENSE app and industry-leading cloud protection – uses cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect all incoming and outgoing network traffic in your home.

SENSE is our first hardware release after three decades of leading software protection for PCs and smartphones. And the reviews are coming in.

The Washington Post‘s 

CNET says SENSE offers “bang for your buck” when it comes to “securing connected devices such as phones, laptops and TVs as well as smart locks, appliances and lights using a cloud-based analytics system.”

With the focus the SENSE team put into design it’s rewarding to see a reviewer marvel at the “beauty” of the router. And it’s nice to see Good Housekeeping in the UK recognizing that IoT security is an essential part of home design in 21st century. The magazine’s Carrie-Ann Skinner said SENSE “works well and is great at providing peace of mind.”

If you’re expecting your house to keep filling up with connected things, give yourself the gift of peace of mind with the one gift that can protect everything you get that goes online. Or if you know someone who already has every “thing,” consider the gift that protects your entire home.


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