Why Should I Care?

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I have a question for you.

Why should people care about information security? Why should people care about privacy? Why am I working in cyber security?

There is of course a cynical answer to the last question. I need to eat!

Sitting on a computer having fun, or talking nonsense to people, is easy and pays reasonably well. But I could do something similar in another industry, I could work for an email spam company, or for a spyware company like Google. So why InfoSec? Why privacy?

For me, it is all about fighting against abuses of power.

I was starting in computers in the 1990s. And that was a time of cryptowars against the US government and browser wars against Microsoft.

In both cases, those with a monopoly on power tried to crush the rights of ordinary citizens. In both cases, the industry and civil society fought back and won! It was during this time that both the EFF and EPIC were formed to fight for digital rights.

Today we continue to fight against the abuses of power from governments, mega-corporations, and now also mafia groups.

The governments continue to try to extend already absurdly intrusive surveillance.

Mega-corporations like Google & Facebook put our lives under a microscope and manipulate us with no oversight nor possibility to escape their stalking.

And mafia groups make victims of those that already lead hard lives.

These are all forms of violence committed from positions of relative power. And like with all violence, the damages falls hardest on those who are already most vulnerable. Women [2], people of colour [2], queer people of all shades, religious minorities, immigrants, employees, children [2], ..

So why am I working in cyber security and privacy? Because we are not going to take it any more. Because protecting the vulnerable is important. Because together we CAN leave a more just and free society for our children.

By the way, F-Secure are hiring.

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