About Us

The digital world connects us, enabling boundless opportunities. At the same time, our data, our identities, and our transactions are more vulnerable than ever before.


How should you navigate this exciting and complex virtual landscape, while keeping your online life private and secure?

At Safe & Savvy, it’s our job to help you figure out how to do just that. We’re here to offer expert tips on privacy and security, to share perspective when a major hack or leak hits the headlines, and to make sense of things when changes in the political world affect your cyber life. We’ll help you keep your kids safe online, avoid malicious software, keep your accounts secure, find your way around the IoT, and so much more.

We’re employees of F-Secure, a cyber security company that relentlessly defends people and businesses around the world from cyber attacks. We’re based in Helsinki, Finland, and we’re big on sisu, saunas, and security. Join us!



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